Empathy in recruitment and how we can rethink hiring!


Workplace culture has changed dramatically since the pandemic and is now much more focused on employee wellness. The strategy to foster a healthy work environment has evolved along with the changing work cultures. Today, the key is to create an environment where individuals can develop and succeed in their jobs. Empathy is crucial in situations like these!

What do statistics say?

According to a Businessolver statistic, compared to 75% of workers on average, 83% of Gen Z employees would pick a company with a strong culture of empathy over one that offered a slightly better wage. And that represents a big majority!

The recruitment process is where practicing empathy at work really gets started, and here is where HR comes into play! HR is now accountable for designing a workplace that benefits the workers and increases productivity.

But first, let’s clarify what the phrase “empathy” means and why it has attracted so much interest. Empathy is a term used to describe the ability to comprehend another person’s emotions and to show concern for their decisions and point of view. When we discuss empathy in recruiting, we are attempting to improve the hiring process for applicants.

Here are 4 valid reasons why empathy in recruitment stands crucial-

1. Build better interpersonal relations:

Even before the candidate becomes a part of the organization, you as a recruiter will greatly impact the applicant regarding the organization and its work culture. This would also help the company to build a better network of skilled talents.

2. Provides a better Interview experience to the candidates-

The number one reason why candidates might hold a grudge over a company post-interview is not that they got rejected but the lack of communication from the company about their rejection. Making them feel ghosted about the interview would only leave them in confusion and a disreputable image of the company. The least the recruiters could do is provide a fair judgment about the interview and inform them of the reason for rejection.

3. Decreases the likelihood of overlooking a qualified applicant.

By developing a stronger link with the applicant, empathy reduces the likelihood of losing out on a qualified applicant who is attracted to the organization’s work culture and recruitment strategy.

4. Creates a Better Brand Image.

Nothing comes close to showing empathy and creating enduring bonds with candidates and staff members to create a better brand image in the sector. Even though they were unable to work in the organization, the candidates were nevertheless moved by these actions.

Why is empathy important in the workplace?

Showing empathy and compassion can actually be used as a superpower by an organization, as it can act as a great recruiting strategy in the industry. This attitude will help to stand out in the industry and help to attract deserving candidates.

Discovering more about a candidate will be simpler if you are an empathic leader as they will feel more at ease sharing their views, opinions, preferences, and dislikes. This is how it will contribute to fostering an open environment when hiring candidates.

The best kind of empathetic behavior a recruiter can do is to help the rejected applicants build practical skill sets and professional experiences. A key talent that every recruiter should have is the ability to guide candidates in the appropriate direction to fit the industry.

Compassion in the workplace

The organization will undoubtedly benefit from empathic recruitment given the escalating cases of applicant discrimination and hiring controversies. Unprecedented pandemic times have highlighted the need of showing compassion for one’s colleagues and how significant it is to maintain an open line of communication with them.

It’s a common misconception that only current employees have access to compassion at work. The ability to offer potential employees who are job candidates better service is a responsibility of the organization.

Empathy and Leadership

A business should make sure to invest in abilities that are always in demand. Empathetic hiring is a skill that automated software is unlikely to be able to match. Technology cannot replace the interactions and the personal touch of the hiring process.

So if there’s one skill that HRs and management should invest in right away is Empathic hiring and bringing new dynamics to the hiring process. Empathetic recruiting is a skill that will last for a very long time in the world of recruitmen

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Improve Your Interview Skills & Get More Job Offers . AI enabled interview preparation tool for job seekers to ace interviews and grow their career.

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